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  1. to be honest I accidentally came across one of your vids while back and have been following ever since, your positive attitude, personality , and wit to be able to manifest success and the energy you want to be surrounded with and watch u do it is inspiring. I'm half way cross the country too. similar cross rd story I have, but have figured it out and opening a video game store, been working on it for 4 months so feel u on all the details of a biz, but u really have inspired me and gave me zoo courage to keep jumping those hoops. thank u my man! keep smashing them dreams bro!

  2. Brad keep making videos bro. You (and Kevin) inspire me. I know it's hard talking about your father, however it shows how real and brave you are for sharing this for your viewers to see. I am subscribed to you for two reasons. 1. You and Kevin are hella funny 2. I believe what you say and you are yourself.

  3. When Brad starts talking about his dad and he gets all emotional I could relate there for a minute. I grew up with a single mother and I remember her telling me who my father was and to think I met his ass and he never even acknowledged me upset me briefly.

    Then I realized he chose to not want to be around and to live a unhealthy life. Ever since then I've had zero emotional animosity towards him.

    I've met a lot of people just like me with a single parent and it tears them up. To me I didn't understand why would I waste my time and emotions on a person who neglected being around?

    This obviously only applies to a scenario of when the father leaves and doesn't care to be around.
    For people who lost their father in different scenarios it is truly sad that doesn't apply here.

  4. THE REALEST guy out there. This is why I respect him so much. And one of the reasons why I started my own channel and business. Congrats on everything brotha. You deserve it x100.

  5. Loved the video, love the gym… I hope I can go check it out sometime soon.
    Glad to see you where wearing the bracelet I made you for your birthday. You are super fantastic awesome. Keep doing what you do. Love ya!

  6. Im aspiring to be exactly what you are Bradley. You are the exact definition of inspiration, motivation, and success. I hope to meet you one of these days, God bless man!!

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