did he…did he say, niggas? (READ THE DESCRIPTION 1ST)

lol… ok this was 2 funny. but suspicious. look how many times they had him say it. and look at the reaction of the black people in the back of his family lol PEOPLE, IT’S LEGIT. IT’S A HI-DEF SYNC ISSUE. original… http://rapidshare.com/files/104130169/spelling_bee.wmv.html

NOTE: the judges are pronouncing it wrong to begin with so he was doomed from the beginning. it’s not his fault. 🙂 and YES, i am black american. and no, dont say this word and think you can get away with saying it because it’s not actually the word “nigga”. remember, they are saying the word wrong. it’s (nee-goose) and not (nig-gah).

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