Dream Jobs Anyone Can Do That Pay Ridiculously Well

there are jobs out there that require zero previous experience and the rewards can be very attractive. Here are the top 10 dream jobs that anyone can do.


  1. 14k in 6 months on a strange island with no tv or internet is not worth it in the least bit. Seems a little too dangerous for my liking

  2. "Anyone can do" well, not really. You still need to have special skills. You either need to be good looking, or have trained tastebuds or or or. There is always a reason why not everyone is doing it

  3. I feel like a fake executive would be great if you have 0 skill but amazing charisma, and can talk anybody into anything. I can see that. And i would love to try WOW air….But what if i don’t have a best friend? ☹️

  4. the wow air dream job is total bullshit! they do not give you 4K for 4 days!!! more like $400 for 4 days!!! and gsme tester is no dream job, you can't enjoy the game cause your job is to find bugs and glitches, trust me you would hate documenting and logging all week's work.

  5. So which of you ladies out there wanna combine a couple of these and snuggle for a few months on one of those islands down under… either one , BOTH look AMAZING!¡! (Researching and taking applications now! (Please send photo and contact right away), lol… =]

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