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  1. So we don't take religion seriously but somebody's feelings about a joke question about a talking dog is taken very seriously If you're going to be PC be PC about everything.Also I thought Marc's comment about home schoolers was a little out of line

  2. I would have picked Bill and Ted's Philosophy for a religion. "Be excellent to each other. Party on, Dudes."
    Superman, though I love superman, spun the earth backwards on its axis to save his girlfriend, despite all the consequences on the human race that may have caused.

  3. I don't know how no one chose Forest Gump for a religion. His policies and philosophies on love, respect, moving forward by running no matter what piece of chocolate life gives you is exactly what any religion needs to preach and he does so extremely well

  4. I know this episode happened a while ago, but I only just watched it now. I have to say that I'm very disappointed in the treatment Joe received. His answer was never fully explained, and to be honest, I think it got completely misconstrued. We're talking about a very silly question; replacing the main character in a movie, with a talking dog. How can you ask such a question, and not take the answers lightly? It was completely unfair. Lighten up guys!

  5. Literally EVERY comment I saw was about Joe. When did Movie Fight become the most important shit in the world. People bitching about "political correction" while being butthurt beyond belief.

  6. In round 3, I'm surprised no one mentioned to Scott Mantz that Nic Cage vs Nic Cage in Face/Off doesn't make any sense. So, you have John Travolta in the beginning to get the face transplant, but then Nic Cage wakes up in the hospital, faceless, where does he get the second Nicolas Cage face?????

  7. Has Scott Mantz or JTE/Coy ever seen face/off?
    All the things he talked about (except the Penis) were covered by the doctor who did the surgery. Hair, voice body fat, body hair.
    ALL of these things and more were changed to make the switch and nobody called him on it

  8. I paused the fight right as Joe got kicked off because that was bullshit, and I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same. I'm really glad that's basically the whole comments section.

  9. wow the first fight no one chose A Serbian Film? That would be the movie i would choose. I have been asked, hell even pleaded, by a friend to watch it before i knew anything about it and after she explained the movie to me when i asked i was all "Nooooooope". From the reaction videos i have seen and the reputation that movie has built that would probably be the perfect movie to torture someone with.

  10. It's a mad mad mad mad mad world is way better than precious or dr strangelove. I don't like those two movies. It's s mad mad mad mad mad world is one of the best movies of all time.

  11. Ace Ventura is not transphobic. It was more about the deception that the Ray finkle and Lois einhorn was doing to ace and every cop and people at large. Also it was a spoof scene of crying game a movie that is not transphobic either. They are honest reactions to deception and then there is contemplation and then acceptance and then love. Don't falsely label a movie or character portrayal as transphobic just to be a cool social justice warrior. Pick a better batle to fight That was cloying and desperate to label ace as transphobic

  12. Dumbest premise ever would have to be Saving Private Ryan. Sending 7 men to try and find 1 is horribly dumb. They don't know if the man is dead or where he even is. Almost every member of that team dies trying to find the one man and protect him, which is a big fu to all the moms, wives, and everyone else those seven left behind. Then we have the last battle. Lets hold a bridge that we can't easily defend without the proper weaponry needed to hold it and be horribly outnumbered, sounds like a good idea. They could have just blown up the bridge and called it a day, it would have saved alot of lives and it is what they would have had to do anyways if the army hadnt ex machina at the end. Also, the two that survived have to go on and keep fighting after dealing with all that idiocy. Recognize that movie is based on a true story, doesn't make it any less dumb, it in fact makes it more insulting.

  13. For all the negative feedback about Andy kicking Joe out, I still come back to this episode for the penis jokes from Scott Mantz and Mark Andreyko, as well as the arguments for dumbest movie premise and 2 Nick Cages in Face/Off. Those were great moments. #LookingAtTheBrightSide

  14. I feel like Joe got off easy. I feel like everyone on the show should have waterboarded him for 5 min each for that blasphemy. Andy, find him and punch him in the dick.

  15. So Joe get's reamed out for "dishonoring vets" (multiple professing vets have already commented on this), but Mark and Spencer can use the Nazis as a giant broadsword to flail about with because yeah, that's not disrespectful. I mean, I think the Von Trapp family was a bad choice because it makes it hard to argue against without seeming like an arsehole, but still, given it was an accepted pick, and neither Mark or Spencer were penalised for their comments. The judgement calls in this fight were rather skewed and disappointing by Andy. Multiple times I found myself wishing that Dan was judging instead. While he didn't talk often, when he did, it was gold.

    I don't hate Andy, normally I am fine with his choices, but this felt off colour too repeatedly.

  16. Well that was weird. They were all laughing at the joke one second, teasing him about demeaning veterans a bit, then, while still laughing, dude just kicks Joe out. The fuck? I share Joe's initial reaction: "Whaaaaat?!"

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