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  1. Elliot is such a cool expressive guy. A lot of people are just waiting to pick fault with what he's saying and I think they're missing the point. Keep it up bro.

  2. figuring out the answer, and understanding why/how things work isn't boring. for example, the function of the cardiovascular system. there were numerous theories about how the system worked, and it was all wrong. if we just played with ideas, and never actually solved anything, biomedical sciences wouldn't be what it is today. however, science isn't stagnant. without these ideas that people play around with, there wouldn't be any innovation/advancements. science is an interconnection of playful ideas and scrutinized/calculated testing. science is fascinating.

  3. broo im really admiring his body in this video…idc about getting shredded and being at a very low body fat. honestly i would love to look like elliot in this video and ima keep grindin till i do

  4. When he said "If there's no darkness, there's no light" I immediately thought of the Killswitch's "Life to Lifeless" and the lyric "There is no darkness without light to teach us of ourselves". Then I realized how much he looks like Howard Jones standing there with that hat on.

  5. I have never liked Elliot! It is like listening to some old drunk guy ramble on for hours! I just started power lifting 6 weeks ago and watched some of his videos and I could just tell he does not know what he is talking about! He may be knowledgeable but he does not have the skill of passing it on to other people lol! If he needs to say something he says it in 20 sentences instead of 1 and he talks in circles alot! Ugh!

  6. Really liked that vid, Elliot gives a lot of self-help and the right mentality to deal with your problems head-on. I've found that once I've started winning, I've had to go on winning – and at some point or another I messed up and couldn't deal with that. Watching videos like these and spending time with the right influences – people who share your interests is really important for mental health and dealing with "failure."

    who knows, might fly out and visit his gym.

    Liked, commented, subbed – can't wait to see more 😉

  7. Science is infinitely more interesting than Religion. Science never says it's 100% correct, it says it's correct right now with the evidence we have. So the mystery is always there.

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