Employees EXPOSED & Fired For Doing Stupid Things

Sometimes employees too far and get fired for doing some incredibly stupid things. Here are 10 of the stupidest things employees have ever done to get fired.


  1. Ryan Air, Air planes look and feel like a coach on the inside. Easy as fuck Air hostess's got three numbers off their girls, it's like no one hits on them because of who they work for.

  2. I make all my important life decisions using the coin flip, heads for yes I'll do it tails for no I won't do it, This has cost me jobs, girls, money and my own sanity on numerous occasions but It has also given me jobs, got me laid, and won me money.

  3. Jesus you are stupid. What besides a coin toss does this have to do with 'No country for old men?' "Turned it into reality?" They arrested her, they didn't shoot her in the head with a cattle killing implement! And you left out the part where these stupid twats forgot their ticket writing pad, hence the coin toss. And who doesn't just use a fucking real coin for a coin toss? This new generation is retarded! An app!?

  4. Why would someone get arrested for speeding? I think you must be leaving shit out about this story. Either she had a warrant for her arrest or she was driving without a license, or she was a habitual traffic offender. Be more thorough.

  5. A guy I used to date told me he worked at a local pizza place… As well as a local fast food restaurant… The things he told me make me sick to my stomach and "Burger King foot lettuce" isn't shit compared to what he told me… I still tip good till this day!! I always would tip because I used to be a waitress and understand the frustrations of that job… But from what he told me the Waiting movie isn't SHIT compared to what he told me! People are fucked up and y'all need to tip the ppl that handle your food for delivery, servers and food shop style fast food places! I cringe when my grumpy grandmother orders for for me and I STILL will cancel an order to this day if she snaps at the drive thru because of what I know… I'm no internet troll. I am a 34 yr old mom and I've heard one other story from another friend that worked in the fast food industry. Not as bad but still all the same be mindful of food you order and how you treat the people handling it…

  6. the last one was not dumb really, he gave his work two notices needing the day off so fuck them.
    work to live not live to work

    boss's dont like life

  7. I heard of worse. Just look up the girl that worked in a fast food restaurant ( for give I can't remember the name of the restaurant) put her monthly cycle on a sandwich and a lady ate it and got sick. The girl who told on her was fired as well. The lady and the girl who told sued them. I don't know if you can get AIDS from that but can you imagine? That was the grossest thing I ever heard! Shame on her from me another woman.

  8. I unsubscribed due to foul language. I was listening with my 4 year grandson beside me. Using words that we teach him are "bad" is justification to watch something else that I can trust is wholesome. Sorry. Goodbye.

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