Employees Who EXPOSED Shady Truths About Famous Companies

Employees should be the champions of the companies they work for. Here are ten of the most significant examples of well known, loved, and trusted brands …


  1. As for McDonald's… DON'T ASSUME THEY'RE ALL LIKE THAT. People got fired constantly for not cleaning properly, my cousin worked there and often spoke how rigorous cleaning was PRIORITY. Same goes for places like BK and Dunks. I've worked both places and the cleaner you left things the more secure your position.

  2. I'm not surprised guy from McDonald's got fired – it was HIS fault he didn't clean up his workplace. I work as a cook and I have to clean my workplace EVERY DAY!! If hygiene inspection came and saw some flaws, I'm the one paying the fine, because I'm paid to work and clean place afterwards. And trust me, it is not easy to clean everything and sometimes there are some disgusting places everyone forgot about.

  3. 7:03
    Amazon delivery here is laughable.
    The reality is, they set the package on the ground, knock (sometimes) and then promptly scurry away before you are able to even answer the door.
    Signature? LMFAO!

  4. It’s hard to believe these people “fall asleep standing up” from only 55 hours a week. I work 80-85 hours each week, and yes I’m tired at the end of the day, but complete drained/exhausted or even close to falling asleep whilst standing.

  5. 70hrs a week!!! What?? I mean I work 80 hrs biweekly maybe 78 biweekly and get compensated for full time and a few hrs overtime if I do something that is not my job, holy smokes.

  6. The Toyota break problems and gas pedals is because the floor mates get your facts right my aunt had a 2007 Toyota and and she moved them and she has not had problems since

  7. With fast food companies its not really their fault.. each fast food restaurant is a seperate business, its up to the staff to make sure they do their job properly. How can the owner of a massive company make sure his 50,000 restaurants are all following suit?? Shitty management/staff attitude are to blame. You wouldnt blame the food supplier in a Michelin star place because the staff didnt clean or give a shit about food safety…

  8. Company reps are no different than politicians. Stuff gets brought up to them and they say some pretty words and don't do anything different unless incontrovertibly proven they were wrong and do it just to save face.

  9. Well some Mcdonald and KFC are not like that where I'm from they make sure that their customers are getting pure fresh food and less food poisoning

    Good thing

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