“FAKE NATTYS?” What It REALLY Takes To Become Successful With Connor Murphy

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  1. Lol these guys are on drugs. Are you two actually claiming you aren't?! Just tell us how much tren you are on BBC, it will save these newbs who don't know this game a lot of trouble and wasted years.

  2. Conor and Brandon are talking sh it,is not true,their parents are fking rich and they just go to the gym and take a lot of supplements and some people don't even have money to go to the gym or they are verry poor.And Conor and Brandon are like:yeah yeah i've worked so hard,it was so hard to accept the money from my parents and then to go to the gym.Dude,is fking easy to lift weights,if you have money you can pay a PT or you can take a program from the internet,what working hard are u talking about?Spoiled piece of sh it.

  3. Different men have naturally different Testosterone levels. You bitches with 500 ng/ml and below keep claiming BBC and CM are steroid users. It's obvious they're just alpha blessed as fuck with probably 1100 ng/ml natty test levels. Fucking pussies.

  4. Genetics is always 80%-90% of it. The other 10%-20% is lifestyle and that includes bodybuilding drugs. I mean if haters are gonna blame anything it should be genetics. Also you don't really gotta track your macros as long as your doing everything else. Just have a good general knowledge about food/nutrition and eat all organic. Eat real food that your body is genetically programmed to eat. You'll attain a mirable aesthetic physique like this. Girls will eye fuck you. Trust me.

  5. Connor Murphy thinks that having a cheat meal separates the average people from the 'great people'…You are spewing some complete and utter bullshit. Even Brandon looked confused by some of your comments. You need to get a life and learn to live and relax a bit more. You are the most self centered arrogant cunt i have ever come across in all my life.

  6. Brandon and Connor will soon release a fucking sex tape. They secretly want nothing else than each other's cocks down their throats. Brandon is the big black dude with a massive cock to penetrate Connor's white asshole. It's all about how Brandon looks at Connor. He secretly wants it. Connor and his following are a bunch of nigger lovers. If a black guy died they'd commit suicide. Fuck Brandon Carter, and fuck his corny friend Connor Murphy. They can both go and suck a fucking donkey dick. Fuck all of you motherfuckers.

  7. Anyone who is an experienced lifter can immediately tell connor murphy is on juice. Keep lieing to kids and giving them unrealistic expectations, oh and you will be taking testosterone supplements for the rest of your life since your balls dont work anymore

  8. I dislike videos like this for a lot of reasons. Yeah, hard work will earn you results, but you can't say that tracking macros and eating well and training hard consistently is automatically going to make me look like either of these two. I won't say they don't work hard and they aren't consistent or claim they're natural one way or the other, but they shouldn't be saying the genetics don't play a role in the fact that I can't get 16.5 or 17 inch arms like Connor claims he has or has at one point. Hard work can only get you so far.

  9. They are so fucking right. Since 1 year I'm CONSISTENLY counting macros in myfitnesspal. I have almost 1 year streak on this app. I have NEVER AND I SAY NEVER been skipping my workouts in the last 4 years. If I was busy I MADE the time to workout. There are not fucking excuses in life. If you want something you can ALWAYS and let me say ALWAYS make it fucking happen! Check out my body on my instagram: Nick_247positive.
    Cheers guys! and happy fucking gains

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