Famous People Who Destroyed Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

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  1. I feel like zendaya was being sensitive and going overboard on making it racial. Not a fan of either of them but she was being a cry baby. She handled it mainly professionally but she got super butt hurt over it

  2. As a Drunken Peasants fan, AND A Milo fan, that quote is innacurate. Saw the episode live. Have watched Milo forever. He didn't advocate it, he advocated that if someone is mentally sound, they should be able to consent. While I don't agree, I have to say, he didn't defend pedophilia.

  3. Absolutely couldn't care less about Paula,but what happened to her is BULLSHIT.She said WORD people…and not just said it,but was simply accused of it and simply told the truth about having said it before.She could've just lied,but instead CHOSE to tell the truth to the right thing,and hoped people would understand.Welcome to modern PC AMERICA-a "free" country where you can lose your career for admitting to simply saying a word(not like she was caught on tape saying it,but decided to be honest)that isn't PC….LOOK OUT THE PC AND THOUGHT POLICE ARE WATCHING!!!

  4. Anthony Wieners life is hilariously awful. What a fucking idiot like. What's up so many pedophiles being friends being friends with Hilary Clinton hahaha

  5. Paula Dean got a raw deal I think. A lot people say things in fear or anger or when they are just young and dumb. I'm not saying that it's right, but she was being truthful and the media conveniently left out the fact that she doesn't approve of it now that she is older and wiser.

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