Fast Food Secret Menus

Did you know about these fast food secret menu items? GMM #672! Preorder Clearly Canadian by May 4th for an invite to our live toast happening this summer: …


  1. Love the show, but from managing a couple restaurants, the "Secret Menu" items are not only tedious and annoying to make, but you'll end up waiting longer. P.s. If you want secret menu, or any menu item for that fact, DO NOT show up 5 minutes before close, usually cleaning has began and you're messing up the process. Also, your food will be more fresh, but you will have an unhappy person making your food and it will not be of the normal quality you've come to know and love. I'm not saying spit or anything, but it may be a little more cooked than you would like. (I personally never let it fly if I knew about it, but my eyes can't be on all employees at all times.)

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