FUTURE WONDER WOMAN PROJECT CANCELED?!???? Must be Flick Bait! HOW TO VOTE ON YOUTUBE WHEN LIVE: 1) Either: a – Refresh the page OR b …


  1. It's really stupid how people don't understand this concept and just click on the dislike to be immature, you don't like it? move on nobody is forcing you to watch it.
    I'm pretty sure nobody watched more than 10 mint. before disliking the video.
    You guys are great and I hope this doesn't get cancelled.

  2. this show is a brilliant concept, but apparently people don't understand it. It doesn't deserve all that dislikes. Keep it up fellas

  3. Can you guys please, PLEASE! Skip all the flickbait thing and just do the segments , I really love this show , but people are not having it , it would be really sad to see it all die because the producers will cancel , at least give the people the good stuff so they won't cancel , (yes the show will be inperfect , but at least it will continue.)

  4. Any of the people who disliked this video should be allowed to dislike it only if they've seen it and disliked the content. To dislike something you haven't seen doesn't make sense to me. I love Screen Junkies and I'm glad they keep outing out this great show!

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