Frightening Events Experts Predict Are Coming Up In The Future

The universe is a terrifying place. Here are 10 upcoming events predicted by experts in the near and distant future, will keep you up at night. Subscribe for more!


  1. Then what happens once we all die? Do we go to heaven? And will he’s an even be around after all of this will all forms of life be dead. Will our souls and spirits that once lived in heaven die off alongside the universe

  2. Globally, about 80% of Antibiotic use is by agriculture/livestock, and mostly because it boosts animal growth and therefore profits. The USA just changed laws in 2017, other countries like Canada had banned it long ago, but places like China still do it. Yes, world wide, massive corporations are allowed horribly irresponsible practices to make billions, but let's call the Dr's irresponsible, lest we actually assign the blame correctly and cut their profits further. Human misuse is a drop in the bucket

  3. Deflect space debris?
    It's not a shield!

    Edit: When the Sun expands into a red giant it won't consume ALL the planets. Congratulations you've earned yourself a dislike.

  4. You really need to hire a fact checker, or two lol. Love the channel but you bombed so many times with misinformation on this video

  5. I've read somewhere that our solar system is going to crash into another galaxy at some point millions of years from now. I thought that would be on the list but maybe I misunderstood whatever it was I read. As you can tell from my intelligently asked question, I'm definitely a science scholar with many degrees in reading stuff somewhere.

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