“FULL BODY WORKOUTS vs SPLITS” How To Gain / Build Muscle FAST (Brandon Grande)

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  1. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS: I have a question for you guys. No hating here, trust me. I'm just wondering, why do 90% of the people doing fullbody workouts look terrible? I've never tried it before, in fact it's the only program I haven't tried, but I see everyone everywhere on the internet recommending it. Why? Again, no hate here, I just want someone to persuade me to try it. Most people will talk about protein synthesis lasting for 48 hours I believe, but then I ask you. Is that reason enough to do FBW? Why do most people look terrible? I do pull/push/legs twice a week by the way.

  2. Hey Brandon,

    I've been doing full body workouts for almost three weeks 8-10 reps, 4 sets two, exercises per body part, one minute rest periods is the only way I can keep my gym time at 60 minutes. I hit everybody part except for Abs and Calves I do those on alternate days, AND this shit is killing me. How the HELL do you get through this workout?!?!

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