Game Crazy Training Video — h3h3 reaction video

It’s time to get jiggy with Game Crazy ft. Zelda Watch the Reaction Video Playlist –�м https://goo.gl/QUHWA6 Facebook.


  1. That sure was a super duper knarly vid you jive turkeys. I'll catch you on the flip side broseph. Feel free to drop a shout out its been a hot minute since you said. Wwaaahhhsssss uuuuuuuugggghhhhhhpppppppp.

  2. It sometimes gets annoying having an amazing memory because I can remember every episode of every season of every good show I have watched in the past 4 years. I even remember watching the first episode of family guy when I was about 8 (6 years ago) but it does very much come in handy often.

  3. On Sunday drives with Grandma in her little Datsun Hatch, Zelda likes to chug back on her 40 while smoking a phat blunt and blastin fools with her gold plated teck-9 to the sweet sounds of Ice T's Copkillaa!

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