Games That Lost Almost Their Entire Playerbase Within Months

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  1. So-called /Jim Sterling impression "Tweeple Ehhhhhhhhh" games that overhyped, over-monetized, and under-performed. With the exception of Resident Evil 7, the rest of those listed have none of my sympathy, and all of my scorn.

  2. 2k killed evolved with its overpriced dlc that they worded to seem like a season pass. And I had great hope for the division years of waiting for nada

  3. You forgot to add the fact that the Titan Fall 2 developer shot himself in the foot when he laughed at the idea of Titan Fall 2 coming to Switch…nothing spells failure for a game like pissing off potential fans by burning bridges before they can even be built.

  4. forgot to put Starwars Battlefront on there:) and Battleborn is a true shame as the game is also PVE which Overwatch doesn't have. I still don't get why Battleborn failed so badly.

  5. I figured destiny would be on here, but I guess it gained a decent amount back once some dlc came out. Nice meme with the overwatch banner on Battleborn

  6. Most people probably dropped pokemon GO after realising it had nothing to do with pokemon other than its name. We sure do love gym battles where you just tap and swipe on your cell phone's screen, good job Niantic.

  7. Evolve actually had me interested in it before release. I was frequently playing Monster Hunter 3 with my brother at the time and I thought it would be awesome to play something similar, only as the monster. Fortunately SimCity and the initial release of Final Fantasy 14 taught me a hard lesson about buying a game without trying it first or waiting for reviews, and I caught on that Evolve was just a DLC cash grab game with a $60 entry fee. I don't mind if a game has a cash shop, I don't mind if I have to pay $60 for a game, but I DO mind when something tries to have both, especially if it fails to deliver content worth shelling out for in the baseline experience.

  8. Titanfall 1 yes but titanfall 2 is on a whole different level. The game is rediculously fun. What makes it better is FREE DLC. i highly suggest you guys pick it up if you havent already the campaign and multiplayer are alot of fun.

  9. Battleborn is what happens when you market your game vs another game by a bigger company with more experience in the industry and the simple fact that those two games aren't even similar.
    Overwatch is similar to TF2 and Battleborn is more like a MOBA (escort minions to the portals, destroy "Sentrys" kill jungle mercenaries for buffs)

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