Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Reaction & Breakdown!

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  1. that guy with the beard needs to calm down and stop yelling no one was massively opposing u dude it made me super uncomfortable to watch him screech over everyone

  2. Why is changing Blade into a white guy considered racist (i.e.
    blackface) but changing the all male cast of ghostbusters into an all
    female cast NOT sexist exactly!?

  3. Dan Murrell predicted a GCU??? I know you're smarter than that. Also, why is everyone giving Paul Feig a pass simply because they loved Bridesmaids? He also did "The Heat" which sucked ass. And for some reason, he can't seem to do a movie without Melissa McCarthy. Andy was the only one trying to call it like it is. Everyone else was stretching to make it sound like it was good. I've never seen such visceral hatred for a trailer like this movie has generated. And rightfully so. I'm sure this movie will bomb badly and hopefully that will be a warning to studios who think they can shit all over classics and try to make money off of it.

  4. Feminazis crying misogyny slap yourselves. How can you hijack a franchise that was originally masculine just to push an agenda?? Ghostbusters 2016 was never about reviving Ghostbusters. This reboot is about feminism and the leaked Sony emails prove that. To make things worse the script is crap and the SNL styled comedy isn't funny.

  5. I'm sorry I love you guys but this makes you all come off fake and I almost just lost respect for you guys. Theres no way you would go this easy on any other movie, but that's just my opinion I guess..

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