Hollywood Tough Guy Clashes Explained

One dream matchup was Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, two of the biggest action movie heroes of the day. To Dwayne Johnson and Jason …


  1. Dude Segal dont belong that form of martial arts is for disarming has in no way any usefulness in a fist fight freaking shin kicking is more useful than wrist locks and throws

  2. Please learn how to pronounce these martial arts before you commit them to film. Van Damme studied Shotokan karate, not Shokotan. And Bloodsport was 1988 not 98.
    Next you’ll be saying that Schwarzenegger was born in Australia!!

  3. You negative comments about segal Sensei are not very understanding of aikido. The stronger the opponent, the worse he is harmed.Aikido is about neutralizing the opponents balance and then the opponent is finished. Go to a aikido school and step on the mat, you will have your mind changed.

  4. i am biggest fan of both STEAVEN SEAGULL & Vandamme Moor . Plz donot make them fight between each other. Instead they should fight together with werewolves of society.

  5. Van Damme would knock Seagal out.
    The Rock could whip Vin Diesel. I know pro wrestling is fake, but so are Hollywood fight scenes, and in the ring, Rock did his own stunts. Plus, hes way bigger, 5 years younger if that means anything and hes been an athlete his entire life. Plus, Vin Diesel came out as "bisexual". You lose a lot of points there. He could also beat Momoa. Although Momoa has learned a lil martial arts from some legit people. Again, I think it goes back to stamina and athleticism. Momoa is seven years younger.

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