Honest Trailers – Wonder Woman

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  1. I really didn't think Diana was the hero here. She seemed more like the kid who thinks being a hero is cool and has to be shown that heroics is messy, complicated, and deadly.
    I think at the end she understood, but before that what dis she really do?

  2. I knew Honest Trailers wouldnt have the integrity to actually rate this movie honestly. It had laughable plot, dialogue, action sequences, villains, supporting cast. The main characters were okay, that's it. Why do women need specifically a good super hero movie? Super hero movies are tired and awful anyway.

  3. It was really just OK – it didn't even come close to Marvel movies, but it was great when compared with DC's recent films. Most of the reason I enjoyed it at all was due to Chris Pine's excellent performance, and I actually really liked the villain. Surprisingly, it was the CGI and action scenes that really let it down for me – it all just looked so fake, and Wonder Woman's moves in the fights were all the same. I'm normally a fan of slow-mo scenes, but here they were way overused and poorly done, and whenever Wonder Woman did a super jump it looked jarringly fake. I found the of portrayal of WW1 Germany to be insultingly inaccurate, and a lot of the world building was questionable at best.

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