HORRIBLE! Leaked Video Exposed As Ridiculous Propaganda and More

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  1. It makes sense that Trump supporters (I mean people who, from the beginning, have actually wanted Trump as president, not people who just didn't want Clinton) accept what he says as truth and work backwards to explain it. Most of them are conservative Christians, and that's how religion (apparently) works. You accept one source as truth, and twist everything else to fit it.

  2. Where I'm from, we have an old saying that essentially translates to "A jar with a few coins makes much more noise than a jar that is full of coins." Basically- empty people make the most noise. That's immediately what my mind goes to every time I hear the word "America" lately.

  3. Extremists from both left and right are making people identify more as independent or moderates. I was registered independent until the last primaries because I wanted to vote. Both sides are ridiculous.

  4. It's really sad because "A Dogs Purpose" deserves a bigger audience because of how much it can connect with an audience. I hate how it took months and months to make the movie and all it took was 1 day to mislead the public into hating it.

  5. When you jump without looking or testing the water you get broke legs. Now that it's been spread its going to be impossible to stop or get ahead of.

  6. Iraqi refugees have probs getting into the US nontheless, it is not an easy process and creates retarded amounts of uncertainty for those people (look at different stories of people who aided US forces (john oliver reference for example) Kellly anne conway stuff….. is not worth going into I think cause it's ehm obvious I think? regading yannapolis… you don't think he might have expected such a welcome? Either way, what credentials does he have? What merit does he have which has given him enough stature to talk at a university… If you're putting people up at a university to talk about something… maybe you'll lose some credibility for giving those people a platform rather than others? O.o… besides he's neever constructive, he lives off of his anti-SJW stuff…ooh it's a gay man who is anti-feminist and uses big words for it oooh.. must see.. whoopdeedoo O.o

  7. Phil, im a fairly new sub and I'd love to hear you discuss things like the ex gov officials going before congress and telling them that ETs are very real and that our gov have been working with several of them. And the most crazy interview is of a Naval Chief talking about the Gov involved with Draco Reptilians controlling our world for over 6000yrs. You can find on project Camelot interviewing William Tompkins

  8. I know I'm massively late for this, but in regards to the Coca-Cola commercial, I recall it catching flak when it first aired in 2014 as well, with people (stupidly and without evidence) saying it supported illegal immigration. Anyone else remember that?

  9. the reason milo is trash is specifically because he can't take what he dishes out, he's under the impression that because he's the only outspoken sassy gay republican he's somehow this new type of philanthropic being and quite honestly if he wasn't gay I'm guessing his supporters would probably stop toting his gospel around specifically because to them he is more or less a piece on a pedestal only to be brought out in order to shock and provoke certain company. see right now transsexuals are a hot topic of debate and because gay men are often lumped in with Transgender people milo is the rights shining token gay man on the horizon giving "expert" knowledge on what is and is not a healthy sexual identity however in reality milo is simply just a gay man who enjoys being the center of attention especially if it involves bitching in public forums. I'm sure we've all had that sassy gay friend who thinks they can solve every problem in our lives, ignore him and more on maybe once the limelight is gone he can be honest with himself and find something more helpful to do with his time.

  10. I live in KY. There is absolutely no chance of a real attack in bowling green. I know this is an old video, and I don't know if you'll see this. But at one time, their mayor….. Was a dog… I mean really? Lol.

  11. You know DeFranco, I really respect you a lot. I just started watching your videos and I love them. I literally went on a binge. You're probably one of the few people who cares about telling the truth and isn't pushing beliefs on other people.

  12. and that is why i keep coming back to this channel everyday – i trust this channel to give me the full story of each event, covering both parties' views, and so i just wait for philly here to talk about them instead of read about the news from multiple "news outlets" myself 😛 unless ofc he doesn't cover the story for some reason

  13. I liked your attitude on Trump, and your "healthy skepticism."

    What I see most in Trump is his very effective ability to distract the American Public and the media and get them to go off on ridiculous tangents so that he can focus on what he needs to do without their distractions. Let them talk about irrelevancy and "getting the facts wrong" if it gets them out of his hair for a while so he can go back to work! He sees the media as getting things SO wrong, SO often that he basically lets them keep doing all the wrong things so he can do his job. The result of this is that people are spazzing gaskets, and he is doing more in his first days in office than most others do in 2-3 years!

    I have seen more vitriol in the media showing hatred for Trump to the point where it gets almost personal. News sources we used to think were reliable are becoming lower than the National Enquirer because of their own pathetic biases. Calling those outlets FAKE NEWS was a huge boon for Trump because it validated a current that was already out there: That the media has managed to replace good old-fashioned news reporting for opinion that they can pay less for. And good old-fashioned research has been replaced with Twitter Wars. NO WONDER our trust in the media has plummeted over the years!!!

  14. YEAH SURE !!!!!! animal abuse or not ( to be decided) the statement that that Shepard who is clawing and twisting and found EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid being thrown in , is NOT at that time showing " a love of water "!

  15. one thing about the Budweiser commercial, is that while the Irish had issues coming over, I don't think it was mainstream at all back then for somebody to tell someone "we don't want you here" or w/e, especially when that line was said in a very now kind of way that most Liberals accuse people that are against illegal immigration.

  16. I know it's been a while since this video so this comment will probably not be seen, but Phil your show is arguably the most balanced discussion on current US politics there is. I read/watch both left and right leaning news/commentators (as well as international news) and everyone's bias is obvious. The only thing you seem to be biased towards is finding the truth, and I thank you for that.

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