Hotel Room Cooking: Prepping and Shopping Tips

We did a heck of a lot of traveling this past year and as much as I don’t mind traveling sometimes I just need to feel like I am at home. Cooking, as we have seen …


  1. The cheapest meal i made for me and 5 of my friends was a mix of 2 pork tenderloin (12 canadian dollars) and just added 3 packs of ramen it was fucking awsome and a couple of drinks it was 20 dollars but without the drinks was about 14 $

  2. I feel so bad for you with all the haters in the comments. I thought it was pretty good. Anyway, they may comment shit on your "weaker material," but they can't touch all the other cool/innovative things you guys have done on this channel.

  3. You bought heaps of meat, but did not cook it. I think a video showing how to make a nice inexpensive meal in a hotel that does not have any cooking facilities would have been great. You spent $60 on the stash you bought at the farmers market. People need to see how they can buy a bit of inexpensive food and turn it into a meal.

  4. If you call the front desk. Sometimes they have microwaves available for free for delivery to the room for use. When I do jewelry shows in Vegas and miami it works out.also have used coffee maker to make hot water for instant oatmeal , and even brought a micro burner stove for backpacking for hotel room to heat up stuff. Just do it with window open or on patio.

  5. Hey Josh, since you and Mike tend to cook in the room when you guys travel, why not just get a room with a kitchenette? Or why not travel with your portable range? Seem like that would be perfect for traveling.

  6. I was helping a friend of mine with his project at a convention. I was all set to pull up your videos for food ideas when he told me, "…and I don't want to cook on an iron." I was like, "Well, there goes THAT idea…"

  7. So what happened to that steak man? Waited the whole vid for you to do something with that and nothing. Great you made a sandwich with hummus in a hotel, who cares? But if u cooked a steak then I would have cared

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