How Different Animals See The World

Humans see the world differently to most animals. Let’s find out exactly how the animals of earth view the world! Subscribe for more!


  1. This is a bunch of hokum. At 4:19 they show how a cat sees – fuzzy, blurry, no colors. My cat can clearly see a crow sitting on top of a building 150 ft. away. The crow is not moving, but she sits there and meows at it. She can also see a housefly on the wall 15 feet away. The fly is not moving. She can see things I can't see. Don't believe them when they show you what an animal sees. They really have no idea. Flies don't see "in a mosaic effect." Their compound eyes combine the visual input into a single image in their brain.

  2. That's what blows my mind about cuddle fish and octopuses that they can't see colors like we do but they know what colors to use to blend in with their environments

  3. I'm gonna go on and say that no way that's a cats day vision cause they would never make a kill u mat wanna revisit that one and their night vision is probably better too.both day and night clearer

  4. I apologise for asking a question on your video,but do you think being born blind is worse then going blind?

    I feel that going blind is the worse ,but I can still see, so maybe this question means more to some than others? Thanks for the video

  5. Why is he saying butterflies need to see polon? They don't, they drink nectar thats all they want. Polon just gets transported to other flowers. They dont ear just drink. They stopped eating once they transformed into butterflies.

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