HOW STRONG SHOULD YOU BE? (After Your First Year & Beyond!)

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  1. Prob my shit form for the first few months but i honestly think ive just always had shit shoulders but at 9 months i had to stop benching because of anterior shoulder pain. Just overhead now

  2. I hit 225 flat bench one time after 2 years. I then did strictly dumbell incline bench and I hit 90lbs 4 times. I then went back to incline bench and found I lost all my gains and worked my way back up every other week to 215. Once I hit 215, I plateaued again and I can't get past it, no matter what I do. Now I can only do 80lb dumbell press too. I'm pretty sure it's cuz I'm not eating enough. Recently, I've only been eating one big meal a day. I was slacking a bit for about 2 months then hit the gym everyday for 3 months. It was like noob gains all over again until I hit a wall. Funny part is, I have a friend who says damn dude, are you taking anything? This is the best you've ever looked! I'm pissed because I want bear mode, I don't wanna look shredded

  3. Yeh I'm well below these numbers and I'm coming up to a year of lifting. Tested my 1m for the big 3 the other day and I got 192 bench 286 squat and 374 deadlift. I was over weight when I started so like the first 7 months I was in quite a steep calorie deficit

  4. I think 225,275,315 is absolutely possible. I did bro splits for 7 months and strength training for 5 and I benched 220 . The first 2 months I didn't bench. I started squatting for 3 months and went from 135 with shit form to 210 3 x 5 . Deadlifted 265 first time . All this at 155 lbs. If you get close to 175+ it should be easy for you guys.

  5. I had a 243 squat in only like 3 months. Then again ive had relatively big legs and the first time i ever deadlifted i pulled 225 for one rep. In about 3-4 months my bench was only 135 for 5×5

  6. Most of the people who aren't getting results aren't following a a meal plan or they just haven't worked out for 1 year CONSECUTIVELY. I've been lifting for over 6 and a half years but I couldn't lift over 135 on bench when I started again after a 6 month hiatus. Fast forward 8 months later and I've hit all these numbers except squats

  7. these numbers are easy to hit, im 15 1/2 i bench 300lbs squat 420lbs and deadlift 365lbs and ive been working out for 10 months, these numbers are not hard to hit, its because you beginners dont know what your doing, you are probably spending like an hour in the gym and have a shitty diet and dont know how to train properly its sad how sooo much gains are wasted because beginners dont know what they are doing

  8. Hey man this video helped me out a lot it's 1 year officially today of lifting and really gave me a lot of positive feedback of hopefully competing in a meet one day coming back from a broken neck thanks a lot Omar and crew my numbers are 275 Bench, 405 squat, 365 deadlift

  9. this is so dumb, how can u fking bench and squat that much weight if every beginner have to learn all the movements first. 99% of the ppl in my Gym cant do a good Squat. Most ppl have to fix their mobility to do a good Squad and that needs time and Knowledge. Half reps do not count for me

  10. been cutting for a year and i benched 180lbs by the end of it, at 140lbs and 5'9" (i'm guessing 12% body fat)
    started my first bulk a month ago and i'm already benching 190lbs
    btw i cut down from 220+ and my first ever bench was 90lbs

    i don't squat (only lunges with 100lbs bar or two 50 lbs dumbbels) and i deadlift 170lbs  (i can count the number of deadlift sets i've done on my fingers)

  11. heres my stats, started about 8 months ago using only the bar for big lifts, last few workouts for press i did 3×8@105, bench i did 3×8@165, row 3×8@150, squat 5×5@185 , deadlift 2×6 @ 235. Modest progress in my opinon, but that just means theres a lot of room to grow. We are all gonna make it

  12. Damn I definitely don't fall into this! haha Ive been lifting for over 10yrs however I never PRed and always was focusing on bodybuilding not powerlifting however now that Im focusing on powerlifting after a year Im getting 315 bench, 315 squats (I know its bad I broke my right knee), and 500 DL after a year of powerlifting at 235lbs

  13. People who think these numbers are high just need to eat more. If you eat enough you can do starting strength to at least 130 kg for squats and maybe 150-170 kg deadlift in half a year or less if you are young enough.

  14. I'm 19 and I've been training since 15 and can only max out 285 lb on bench press for one rep, 275 lb on squats for 6 reps, deadlift 405 lb for 1 rep, and overhead press 135 lb for 6 reps

  15. completely false. ive lifted with many guys over the years and these numbers is bullshit. ive trained 7 days a week the last 1,5 years and lifting a 405 dl etc after 1 year is not near NORMAL, i lifted 420 after 1 year of training with GARBAGE form, now half a year later my max is 405 with good form, my bench press is 210 and my squat is 315, i have lived for lifting and got many friends who lifts, someone who take it serious and some who doesnt, i only have witnessed 2 friends bench 225 and that took them like 3 fucking years. most people usally get up to something like this after a year: 130kg deadlift 115kg squat,80kg bench. this is raw truth.

  16. Do you guys think cutting can inhibit how much progress you can make? I recently went from 172 lbs to 138 lbs in about a year. My lifts stayed about the same other than my deadlift which I gained 70 lbs. Do you guys think I'll hit insane numbers on my next lean bulk this coming fall/winter? (personal numbers so far 225 lb bench, 285 squat, 315 deadlift 17 years old 2nd year of training)

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