How to “Cook” With No Power During a Hurricane #Irma

My heart truly goes out to anyone who has been, or may be, affected by the Hurricane going on at the moment. I have friends and family that have been …


  1. Nice! Thumbs up for morale building. A suggestion would be how to make 'scratch' mayo due to lack of a working fridge (with almost everything in it gone bad)…it would help complete your great foodie ideas. Cheers!!
    PS: One of those wok rings (for the stove top cooking with woks) + tea candles = cookin with wax!!

  2. In a real hurricane, I think you would be lucky to even find food. Streets will probably be flooded, so it'll be difficult to drive to the store to get supplies. You may walk, but who knows what can be lurking in those waters. You may step on something sharp and injure yourself. Then again, risking your life to get food is better than dying. At least you will die with a purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you for doing this video. I know have some great go to recipes if I'm ever without power or on a time crunch. Positive vibes for all people affected by these natural disasters. Sending my love.

  4. Thank you for this video! My power was out for five days cause of Irma, so I wasn't able to see this till after. But these are good to keep in mind for the future! And actually one of your older recipes helped me out, making chicken coconut curry in a ramen cup. I used canned chicken, bell pepper, curry powder, brown sugar, & coconut milk in a ramen cup & just added hot water that I heated up from a camping stove. It was really good & felt like real food! Thanks for all the videos! They really help in any cooking situation!

  5. I didn't tap on any YouTuber's who had anything to say about the hurricane I'm living through I felt most was just hopping on what was trending! But I said self not him self said hummmmm so I tapped on YOU! Thank you you really care!

  6. Could have torched the cheese on the pizza. But a lot of those things need refrigeration like mayo, cheese and butter and most stores do not have even those foods once the storm hits………no electricity.

  7. I had a hard time understanding how you'd be unable to cook without power. Then it hit me, electric powered stoves. I've always used gas fueled stoves my whole life so even when storms cut off power, i can still cook.

  8. Don't suggest the Mayo. If they don't have power then the last thing you want is spoiled mayo that hasn't been refrigerated or the power had been out for a few days. J/s

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