How to Do a Proper Lean Bulk (Without Gaining Fat)

In this video, I show you exactly how to do a proper lean bulk! If you want to join my Greek God Program go here – http://kinobody.com/ytgreekgod (use the …


  1. Great video. I'm not big on protein bec it's very acidic in the body and the body has lots of trouble breaking it down. Not to say I don't eat any. I do have some but I try to limit it. Protein are a more complex source of aminos. I've found that when you just have aminos (not the damn supplement, from food) you need much less aminos to build muscle then protein. Something maybe to consider. I get my aminos mainly from fruit. I do eat meat bec I enjoy it but I do believe it's hard on the body and it's acidic as I said earlier. I encourage everyone to try to heavily increase the amount of fruit they eat to improve gains and muscle density and overall health. If you don't believe meat is taxing on the body, try having a steak or burger or wings and notice how the body (mainly the stomach) feels. I usually feel bloated and a little tired. Then try 4-6 mangoes, because mangoes digest at a rapid rate they don't slow the body down and all the nutrients (aminos) are rushed into your cells. I'm not here trying to say this way is right or better, I'm just giving another option. Goodluck with all your gains and keep on keeping on.

  2. make sure to combine with my top secret weight loss soup recipe:
    1/2 oz perrier
    2 packs splenda
    Touch of cinnamon
    3 x 85% dark chocolate bars

    stir gently, eat after midnight so your macros refresh

  3. Your physique looks a lot like it did when you took a layoff from the gym a while back. I never thought you were doing steroids, but now I'm def starting to wonder if you were. You were much crazier looking a few years back… and you never built that best body ever this year. You look great, don't get me wrong, but you look way more "natural" now.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks Greg is more natural looking now? I noticed back in 2015 and 2016 Greg had a steroid looking physique. It was just soo full and lean. Now he looks a lot more fit looking, at least body wise. Good job Greg.

  5. You should do a video about how to continuously progress on your lift, or how to get stronger when you're stuck lifting a certain weight. I've been stuck for like 6 months now. Within those six months though, some weeks I could do an extra rep with that same weight, other weeks I cant. Some weeks I could lift it even if I added some micro loads, but with the following week, I'm back in that weight where I'm stuck and can lift it a rep less. I'm really struggling and I know eating more isn't the answer.

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