How to Look Bigger in 3 Weeks (TARGET THIS!)

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  1. Explanation of the rationale behind the various exercises has enabled me to work smarter, not harder, and see better results within a shorter time frame. Keep posting! Thanks Jeff!

  2. The only way to look bigger in 3 weeks is by putting a bucnh of fat on your body or by using steroids. I felt like sharing the truth for the very few that are beginners and may don't know it. Don't get discouraged, train hard, eat right, sleep a lot and results will come and they will be healthy, natural and enjoyable. No offense to this guy, I watch his videos and I enjoy them, but your body will not just grow in 3 weeks. It takes months or even years to spot a difference in muscle size. Keep on lifting and stay natural, peace!

  3. hey jeff my chest seems to puff out alot more than the rest of my upper body and its noticeable, i used to a lot of pushups as my only exercise because i didnt kno others, could that be that problem? how can i make my other upper body parts compensate? i look like the mesomorphic body type where the chest goes out, plz help

  4. Just cycle some test and tren that'll beef and rip simultaneously.Follow that with a stricked high protein diet.And at the Same time use heavy weight 8 to 10 reps 3 sets on each muscle.Then a fourth set until failure including different parts of those muscles.Eat a like a horse but keep it clean.Stay hydrated and well rested and you'll blow up like the Goodyear plant. Problem solved your welcome.

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