How to make KFC: Korean Fried Chicken!

The real KFC chicken means business! Crispy chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce makes for some serious snacking! Check out the recipe: …


  1. OMG why did I find this video so LATE?! Amazing recipe fit for the international audience. I like how you added that twist into your sauce! If you happen to have real sesame, you can omit the sesame oil in the sauce and simply sprinkle a large pinch of sesame onto the top of the chicken. It adds a nice finishing touch in the presentation, too! Also, if you want extra sweetness, honey could be used for the sweetener, and for the spice I like to add thinly chopped chilli (here in Korea I use a local chilli called Cheongyang chilli 청양고추) or even crushed Thai chilli 😉 Proud to be a Korean!

  2. So I tried this today, and it turned out pretty good! The only thing I did differently was that after I fried each batch of chicken, I let it rest for 8ish minutes, and then fried it again for 8 minutes because I saw a lot of other people in the comments say that Korean fried chicken is supposed to be double fried. My mom thought these wings were too spicy though, so if you don't handle spicy food very well I would recommend either adding less Korean Red Pepper Paste or adding more brown sugar to offset the heat.

  3. I live in Korea, and while you got the sauce right I dunno about the frying bit. Most chicken here is twice fried. The first time it's to a light golden brown, then let to rest, then fried once more to achieve perfection.

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