HOW TO Overhead Press More Weight…What Works For Me

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  1. You should avoid doing behind-the-head overhead presses because they put a lot of unnecessary strain on the shoulder joint, which could lead to an impingement. It's not a natural movement for the shoulders. The (front) overhead presses, which you demonstrate properly, going from an external to an internal rotation is the safe and effective way to go.

  2. How does holding a neutral grip with dumbbells overhead emphasize triceps if the elbow trajectory is the same. That doesn't make sense. It like saying triceps pulldowns with overhand and underhand affect the triceps differently.

  3. Omar I notice that you do your left with pretty high speed. If I'm training for hypertrophy, do I want to keep the tempo down a bit? I do 6-10 rep range.

  4. I only started training 10 sessions ago doing the 5×5 and I swear today I only just managed with 100% effort to get my last rep of the 5×5 OHP at 32.5kg!!

    It seems insane looking at the bar with like no weight on it that I can barely do it, especially when everything else is pretty much a breeze.

    I was sure I was doing something wrong but obviously not, I feel like its a mental block more than anything?!

  5. Seeing you do incline raise a red flag here. Now correct me if I am wrong, but when your range of movement go all the way down and you bounce off your bones in the chest, are there not some problems with the shoulder rotator musculature and long term damage because it is not meant to sustain heavy weight?

  6. But the OHP is a straight bar path… you're just moving your body out of the way.

    Also, can Canadians get some discounts on your store please? It's brutal with this exchange 🙁

  7. gotta have correct form when pressing too.. glute activation is probably the most important thing for the bottom to mid range or else you have a power leak. top is all triceps like any other pressing movement

  8. watching at 3.50 made me cringe, behind the neck press = rotator cuff damage. granted not as harmful as kneeling down and letting Holly Holm shin kick me in the temple 10-15 times, but likewise, not something I would volunteer for either

  9. Having worked up to a 2×275 ohp myself, I would mention that one thing that helped me increase my OHP a lot and something that Bill Starr always recommended, was incorporating dips and moving into weighted dips. You'll see a ton of transference into your OHP.

  10. What I'm thinking as to why OHP helps to make the shoulders feel more stable is because it really helps to train proper scapulae mechanics. By pressing overhead properly, you put emphasize on the serratus anterior to really bring the scapulae down and around the ribcage which really puts the shoulder into a stable position.

  11. its so funny how sciencey all these fitness channels make building muscle out to be LOL. IFT HEAVY, EAT CLEAN THATS IT!! All this emphasis on movement ect is so damn stupid. ITS NOT THAT MAJOR!! lol.

  12. Yo Omar, I've been training for about 2 years and want to run my first powerlifting program to increase my strength. Im still working on hypertrophy but want my numbers to go up. Is there a program you recommend or can you make a video on these types of programs? Cheers brotha

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