How to Squat with Knee Pain – SQUAT FIX!! (Knee Pain No More!)

Stop training with pain and start training smarter with the ATHLEAN-X System http://athleanx.com/x/trainwithoutpain The squat is by far one of most foundational …


  1. Makes zero sense to me. How do you 'pull' the direction gravity is taking you? And pulling apart with your feet, as one viewer tried to explain it, does not mimic the example demonstrated in the video – pushing upward against your hand with your thigh. I normally like Jeff's videos, but not so much this one…

  2. Jeff you're so smart! Thanks for the tips, my right quad ruptured years ago which led to a ton of imbalance in my left leg and emphasized knee pain when I squat! I tried this and it helped right away. Thanks for the biomechanic breakdowns

  3. Four years from today this video was made- this channel has come a long way! Most people already know this but when doing lunges and squats, make sure your knee doesn't go past your toe, and push through your heel!

  4. you dont need to pull yourself down with weights on the shoulder, what kind of rubbish advice is this when you bend your knee automatically you will go down due to gravity you dont need to pull anything…just making a simple advice complicated to make the video scientific of somekind….just keep you elbows close and do half squats thats in simple words…!

  5. i've had three knee surgeries and have my joints are gone. i use vertically squat 1300, leg press 1600 , and free squat 600 . and now i can bearly sqaut with my own body weight without exstreme pain.

  6. It is very encouraging to see a scientific approach to strength training. I have grade four (4) arthritis in my left knee (e.g. Articular cartilage of femoral epicondyle). Do you have any suggestions to to improve my squatting given my limitation?

  7. I was skeptical at first BUT I had great results! I actually have a tracking disorder in my left knee from an old high school injury and even though I've been lifting for a few years, and with a special brace, I would suffer set backs. I'm currently suffering a set back (hurt my knee doing a routine workout because my brace no longer fits correctly, had to order a new one from my joint specialist) and I tried this during recovery. It worked! Admittedly, I didn't try with any real weight because I am recovering (only the bar) but it helped! Thank you!

  8. I love this idea and I trust your experience, Jeff. I tried it and it worked great, for now. My only question is, I have degenerative joint disease and have had 7 knee surgeries to date, with future replacements on the horizon (I'm 35 years old)… will this work long term for me or am I kind of S.O.L. due to my condition? I might add that, I'm a very persistent person and don't completely believe in the the diagnoses that western medicine ascribes to problems. I believe in the power of the mind and when there's a will there's a way. Just curious if you have any long term experience with people in my situation… Either way, I'm not giving up!

  9. some guys say to go even lower on youtube like where my stomach is damn near touching my knees I been doing this lately but it is uncomfortable for me I had to restart back to repping 225 for practice again at that low low low depth. whatsup with that low low low stuff is it healthy one guy on youtube said it actually takes the stress off the knees but deep in my knee now when I squat there's real pain in there when I stand up and stuff

  10. I've been doing heavy squats and deadlifts for a while, and just started experiencing knee pain last week. And, I noticed both of my knees have a reddish-purple bruise where the pain is. Is that something I should worry about? Or, is it just a coincidence?

  11. I swear I love this dude… he has literally fixed all my problems. I strained my pec, his videos helped me recover. I had shoulder problems, his videos helped me. Now, with knee problems, I practiced this and the pain went away literally instantly. Thank you so much. Subbed.

  12. I have a question to prevent future pain while squatting and deadlifts. I have a left leg differential of 3 cm. I broke my left femur at the growth plate when I was 10. When I stand straight my knees are not lined up. I wear a 3cm lift on my left shoe to straighten out my hips and back. if there anything I can do to prevent injury when lifting?

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