Huge Product Rip-Offs You Still Buy

The consumer market is shrouded in mystery; with products they release marked up highly to increase their profits. Some of the products that you purchase are …


  1. Just one thought on branded drugs . some are prescribed. Because they do certain things the generic can't or don't. So do your homework.
    And just because you are at the dollar store doesn't mean you are saving. Again do your home work.

  2. You talk all about European monies, terms "petrol", etc. Then a shower of American dollars representing the rip-offs people buy. I buy bottled tap water when I'm on the road and the bottled tap water I filled in advance at home has been depleted. I never buy anything from starbucks unless they are the last option of either starve or dehydrate.

    When you think about it every service or goods item is a rip-off if you pay anything more than the cost of production (to exclude silly things like the cost of power, paying employees, cleaning, package design, market research, packaging, shipping, etc) 🙂

  3. It is beyond me why people still buy star bucks ripoff coffee when there are a lot of better and much cheaper choices out there than star elephant shit coffee .

  4. also hurricane insurance. they don't cover 'flooding' which to them is a replacement term for hurricane. you say your house got destroyed by a hurricane, they say it was flooding.

  5. You obviously know nothing about coffee if you think Starbucks is the same as maxwell House. Tap water is not filtered wo h reverse osmosis. But hey it gets views.

  6. We buy bottled water but we live in the country and our tap water tastes terrible. However, most of what we use isn't in small bottles. We get several gallon-size bottles per week at about 65-70 cents each.

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