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  1. Thank you so much for these videos, it helps me on a daily basis as a trainer and starting my own venture in this industry. This video just makes sense. Keep doin you and bein real. Cant wait to get to your gym one day.

  2. Great video impressive how you opened up about this messed up female who was clearly taking advantage of you. I've almost been polluted by the same kind of creature, I can definitely relate. Wish you the best keep up the good work

  3. Yeah, you bought not only one Rolls but two? This dude is full of shit. Just like his Ferrari and Lambo, blah, blah, blah. Your net worth isn't near enough afford such expenditures! You know it's true, too bad most people on your list are too ignorant to realize your snake oil bullshit.

  4. GAWD – he just babbles and prattles on about his trivial little life. Incoherent sentences and that odd need to stand in front of a camera and yak about his silly life.

  5. we all know how much youtubers make considering on how many views i bet bradley coukd buy one of those cars 2nd clickbait ive seen i like your videos man but starting to not take you serious.

  6. Hey bro I'll be honest with you. This video might be like 2 months old but real shit, changed my sight on myself and on things around me. Just wanted to say thanks like even though this kinds of videos out of the gym wont bring you as many views it still causes a greater impact than you think. Stay strong, pce

  7. This video is a very useful tool that can be applied in everyone's life. It's inspirational and motivating. It's up to us to set our values and back them up 100%.

  8. When I ask most people what they did to become successful? they say I was born successful. and most people are. their are very few self made people in the world. even people that say they are self made really aren't its a rough road to be successful in this world today. Inflation is at all time high, and their is a ton of competition out there.  but if you stay focused , and aim for the sun… you probably wont  hit it, but you will at least hit the moon! 😉

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