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  1. I wish I could marry Phil, and I'm not even gay.

    And the "I was afraid for my life" thing could work, IF he didn't reverse over someone and then drive forward to hit him again.

  2. I've only been to one frat party. I was one of the only black girls and I was worried that I'd get aggressive racists (I graduated from UTK). What I got was honestly way worse. A bunch of the guys seemed to have some "being with a black girl" fetish. I can handle a bigot, but I was creeped out! My roommate (who was white) ended up socking a dude in the face who tried to grab my boobs. It was disgusting! And there so many drunk and obnoxious people, which is to be expected I guess. I'm a non- drinker so idk why I thought it would be any fun 🙁

  3. I'm in a 'frat-sority', it was set up to be a kind of anti establishment frat. We're mixed gender, mixed sexuality, mixed race – we basically have zero prerequisites other than that you should merge well with the group. This year, a year after I joined, was the first year that we've been consider 'cool kids', having tons of applicants, almost triple than any other fraternity or sorority on our campus – after having been mocked for several years. Now that's what I call progress!

    However, one little difference may be that we are Univeristy students in the Netherlands – where I believe people are generally a lot less concerned with race or sexuality. But hey – I urge you in the US to start frats like ours, they're tons of fun. 

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