I Wrote a Sci-Fi Book + Contest Giveaway

Special video today, I wrote two books, part of a series, that I think you are really going to enjoy. See below for details on how to buy the books as well as info on …


  1. I'm super glad that you feel confident about your book. I always love to write things too, but damn, I have no confidence. You have two books published and I only dream of being able to submit my short story in a local newspaper in my place.

    Congrats, Josh! I hope your third book goes well!

  2. Bit of a shitty prize my man and somewhat of a desperate pitch for a fraction more sales and community interest. That being said all for the creativeness, dedication and balls it takes to finishing a book not to mention running you ever more successful youtube channel are all very cool. Goodluck to you brother! x

  3. See ya, guys. To wacky nuts. Seems like a self help type stuff, but u felt your own identity was wrapped in your hair. You even cut your hair! Has that worked for you? Is your life better? Don't buy a book…..just cut your hair! Unsub.

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