Incredibly Unusual Things Found in Hotel Rooms

When you stay at a hotel, you’re usually on vacation but some people opt to just leave weird thing behind. Let’s take a look at the top 20 incredible things found …


  1. One time I found a tiny ziplock bag with what I assume was cocaine residue left by the previous guest and/or housekeeping. Personally, I'd rather have a mint chocolate on my pillow.

  2. There was a hotel that shut down and they released information on some of the things left behind
    There was
    A apple tablet
    Engagement rings
    Married Certificates
    Pets (mainly cats and dogs but also a few fish)
    And someones grandma

  3. hahah!!!!!!
    i'm always forgetting stuff especially when i get my hair cut.
    because my hair grows so long so fast i am always going to the barber shop and i use my hat to hold back my long crazy hair and i also like to wear hats a lot but i always forget my hats whenever i go to the barber shop. i should just not wear them when i get my hair cut or leave it in the car but i always forget.

  4. … wtf This is the least diverse list ever. Almost all of these are Travelodge and the ones that aren't are some other hotel in the UK. You do realize that other people outside the UK might be watching your videos???? RIGHT?! TRIGGERED

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