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Every month we will be giving out prizes to our users.
The more active you are on the site the better chance of winning one of the prizes.

1st Prize: $500.
2nd Prize: $250.
3rd Prize: $100.

How do you win?
Every point you have is a chance to win.

How do I get points?
First you need to log in or create a profile.
Here is how the reward system works.

25 points: Add a video to the site that does not get voted off.
25 points extra: If the video makes the hot page. You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Collegehumor.
10 points: Write a comment on a video you have watched.
10 points: Share on facebook, twitter, google+ or StumbleUpon.
5 points: Vote "love it" or "hate it" on a video you have watched.
1 point: Watch a video on the videos landing page. (example)

On the 1st of a new month we will select the winners and start a new round.
Winnings are paid with PayPal.
Thanks for playing you beautiful bastard.

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