INGENIOUS Designers That Thought About Everything

Designers have us right in the palms of their hands. Get ready – this list of ingenious designers that have thought of everything will blow your mind. Subscribe for …


  1. You should NEVER hang your purse on the back of your chair. Some restaurants have installed hooks underneath the tables where purses can be hung, so you can always keep an eye on your bag. I’ve seen so many people get their purses (and even their jackets) stolen. Thieves are good, and they are quick. I worked at a casino for several years, and there were people who would quickly take the purse, and disappear within seconds. These people even got bolder, and would see a nice jacket/coat on the back of a chair. They would walk up, drape their own coat on the back of the chair, then hook their arm under both coats, and quickly take off. They did it several times before surveillance was able to catch them in the act and have them arrested. By the time they went through several hours of footage over several months, they had gotten away with thousands of dollars worth of items.

  2. Is this video series meant only for Americans?
    All of these are "INGENIOUS" designs are completely obvious, every day and not interesting at all. You might as well do a show on hula-hoops and Frisbees, as if they're the latest craze that all the kids are playing with.
    These inventions are simple, every day, obvious and nothing new… unless you were educated in the US

  3. I have to disagree with your title it's so hyperbolic and doesn't really match the majority of the subjects,
    I mostly noticed that the topics are just for aesthetic features only not for practical uses.

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