Breakthroughs and inventions in the fields of science and technology are not only useful, they have often been credited with saving lives. Here are 10 …


  1. Sheriff: "I see the motorcycle got wrecked to pieces from that collision back there but no driver or body/bag. Did he survive?"
    Medic: "Erm well we contacted the coast guard to help secure him from the ocean."
    Sheriff: "Ocean? That's half a mile away, how in the heck did he get over there?"
    Medic: "Well he was apparently wearing some experimental and heavy body suit that expanded such that he became basically a handball and rolled off down hill and into the rip currents out on the beach."
    Sheriff: "Inflatable handball suit huh? What will these fresh out of college kids think of next!?"

  2. Just so everyone knows, Tellspec is 100% bullshit. There are videos about it. You basically have to put in the specifics about the thing you're scanning (like "granny smith apple") then you scan it and the machine literally just gives you the average stats of whatever you just entered into it. The scanning does literally nothing.

  3. Do we really want to let robots raise our children? People should love their children themselves, what the fuck. Parents who do consider this shouldnt have children.

  4. If someone cannot receive blood because of religious reasons ,Let'em die . If a small part of my body was Causing the rest of my body to die, I wouldn't leave it on and try to save it I would cut it off

  5. I foresee problems with number 3 from a Security pov, especially if Security Officers aren't made aware that the store is operating that system.

    If a Security Officer isn't aware of the system then all they are going to see is a customer scanning a product then putting it in their bag which to them would be considered Shoplifting.

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