Is this the ‘sexiest dance ever’? – BBC News

The Angolan dance, Kizomba, is known by many as “the sexiest dance ever”.
But, teachers say the sensual moves from Angola have been misinterpreted as sexual.
Video journalists: Clare Spencer and Rupert Waring

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  1. Black culture is disgusting

    But we know this, its been a negative influence on White people

    Now all they do is listen to gangster rap, and women twerk and are promiscuous

  2. I see what they went for here, its a story about how something culturally specific can change, evolve, and be adapted to other cultures. When the dance came to Europe it sort of took on a new twist that is not really what the dance was originally. Its a decent story idea, just executed poorly.

  3. Why are you guys so infuriated by this video? It’s literally 3 minutes, Jesus Christ the BBC hasn’t stopped broadcasting Breaking new stories or stopped being a reputable news channel , it’s just something they wanted to share with you guys on their Youtube page. Like chill

  4. Because it's an African dance all the overweight racists came out of the woodworks. Along with their uptight attitudes "this isn't news, wah" or "no its not sexy, but my fat behind is" . LOL

  5. Semba is a social dance from Angola. A dance with an important history from a very culturally rich African country. A dance that is passed from one generation to the next. The beauty of semba as a dance is its classic footwork, posture and connection. Semba gave birth to kizomba, an equally beautiful and classic dance. Kizomba has no sexual body movements and the focus is NOT the bunda (booty) movement. Semba and kizomba are both family dances where age, size or beauty does not matter. Only the joy of dance. Semba and kizomba are danced everywhere: in homes, clubs, streets, backyards, EVERYWHERE! With mothers, sisters, children, friends and neighbors. Semba is a social dance where the focus is on footwork and NOT TRICKS. Semba and kizomba are classic family dances without sexual movements, where the focus is on the dance and not on the shape of your body. There is also SEMBA SHOW. Semba show is about footwork and tricks. Semba show is for competitions, shows, performances and among the new generation in backyard dance battles. Unfortunately, what is taught in most festivals is not SEMBA, but SEMBA SHOW. Doing 3000 tricks in one song does not make you a semba dancer, making sexual movements with your bunda (booty) does not make you a kizomba dancer. Tricks are only for semba show and not for semba. It is clear that semba evolves from generation to generation, but the roots and the fundamentals are kept intact. The technique of each generation keeps improving to a higher level. THIS IS EVOLUTION.

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