Jim Rome

Jim Rome vs Jim Everett


  1. This scene is taken off in a tv animated comedy, like South Park, Simpson's, Family Guy maybe Rick & Morty but probably southpark, does anybody remember which one it was and what episode? It's driving me nuts.

  2. I'm almost positive this was scripted. 1) Jim had never conducted an interview in such a manner, before or since. 2) both parties benefited, Everett because he got to "save face" by putting the dude who had been mocking him on his ass, and Rome because it made him a household name, and 3) it just comes across as bad acting, i.e. facial expressions, lines, etc.

  3. Jim's from Albuquerque w
    e don't put up with that shit. I went to Highland, he went to Eldorado . We mashed that shit out at Mc Donald's on Eubank and Montgomery. It got handled with out guns like a man fist to fist.

  4. Did anyone else grow up and went from "lol what a badass, bitch got what he deserved" to "they're actually both stupid douchebags"?

  5. I dislike Jim Rome's toxic, shit-talking personality so when this happened i laughed so hard. Rome was calling Jim Everett a woman (a play on tennis star Chris Everett) bc of his perceived pocket presence issues for a long time so he must've know Jim wasn't a fan. Then the weasel invites Everett to his show and calls him a woman to his face 3 times?!? So you have this pencil pushing, scrawny, stymy-ass weasel calling an NFL QB a woman on national TV to his face 3 times. I actually think Everett showed restrained. I think Rime got off easy. Everett should thrown a few shots for good measure when he had him on the ground.

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