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  1. If the reason male nudes gross you out is just because you're like "I don't really wanna see a penis" then that's a fine reason to be biased against them but having a different opinion because for some reason a male having nudes is fine whereas a female is a slut etc. that's just pure crap.

  2. Or if you still think they're a scumbag, you were just unsuccessful in putting yourself in their shoes… People might not understand that the reason I don't do the dishes or shower is because I'm so anhedonic that it actually feels too hard just to take a shower, it makes it hard for me to breathe to the point where I'm doubled over hyperventilating afterwards…

    Sometimes my anhedonia goes away and I don't remember why I was so miserable in the first place but then it comes back and I'm like "oh yeah".

  3. The difference between pointing a gun at the cop and killing the cop is a millimeter that I don't blame him for hoping her finger doesn't move. And if the situation flew out of control, the child would have been much more likely to get hit. I wish the cops thought a few minutes earlier and got her with a tazer instead. It didn't sound like she did anything overtly awful, it's a shame she wouldn't just surrender. Now her son not only lost his mother, but was at an age that there's a good chance that this is his first (clear) memory. I hope it doesn't ruin his life as well

  4. Phil: "it would be like if I stopped doing the Friday, Saturday, Sunday shows without any communication. People would find it disrespectful."Phil: stops doing Saturday and Sunday shows without communicating why

  5. it's SOOOO dumb for the Olympics, World Cup or Super owl to ban use of their name. All it is is free advertising. In recent years as the shit's been banned, I've found myself forgetting to watch it since I don't hear anything about it

  6. the caci twins are very rude, i just pointed out how they attacked someone when they were talking about how they hate drama, and they decided to send paragraphs of how im a "low life" for believing what the other person said. idk, they just come off as really rude to me.

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