Lucky People Who Found the Best Things in Thrift Stores

Finding valuable stuff in thrift shops is amazing. From expensive paintings to straight up MONEY, here are some of the luckiest people who found the best things …


  1. I once bought a coat for my mom from a thrift store. It had a bit of a stain which I thought would come off. when I got home and made her try it, she put her hand in the left pocket which had a rather big hole. When she flipped the coat inside out she saw a bracelet stuck inside the lining. When we got it out and got it verified by a goldsmith, the gold bracelet was estimated to be worth around 32000INR (around $500) and this was in 2004 so it's probably worth more now.

  2. I found a Celine brand top and bought a modern travertine coffee table for $20 that was currently being sold at Macy's for $700. my sister found a working blackberry phone and a MAC computer that works and the only problem it had was a broken screen. I have more but so far I get very lucky on finding things.

  3. 9 mil for a painting, no thanks im going to spend the next 25 years waiting for 50 mil. old and dryed up now, will probly die poor. but i want 50 mil? how stupid can you be? 9 mil/50 mil whats the differance, 9 mil would last you forever, unless your stupid.

  4. one time at Vinnies we found $10,000 in 50 notes in a donated purse, i told the lady who found it she shouldn't have turned it into the manager XD could have bought herself a vacation

  5. I recently visited a new Goodwill in Florida. An area popular with Snowbirds. They tend to donate their items to thrift stores versus packing them up and storing them at the end of each season. Most of these Snowbirds are retired and rather wealthy. I found a brand new beautiful bag that was black leather and as soon as I put my hand on the bag, I knew I was touching something expensive. The price tag was $9.99 and I bought it, brought it home and started researching. The bag had a price tag of $380 online and the lowest I found it on eBay and another website was $235. I use the bag everyday.

  6. I have found a few things worth 40 to 50 dollards, but I also found a Christmas tree ornament from the Star Trek movie. The one where (Spok?) died. I got it thinking it might brigh $20 or so. I looked it up and found that I was able to get $750.00. By the way I only have $1.00 dollar for it. I keep looking hoping to make a fine like that again.

  7. Last year I found a 100 year old Kesner doll with original clothes and wig, in great condition, probably worth about $1000, maybe more , maybe less….bought it for $3.99. two months ago, I found a China doll for 2.99 and later found out it is a real antique China doll. Not sure how much it is worth but definitely worth more than 2.99

  8. My grandfather bought a old golden colour small statue of Indian King Ashoka in 1980 auction in less in Rs. 600 (USD 9 approx, back in 1980).
    In 1999 Indian this statue got Brocken and we discovered It actually made of 9.67 KG real gold.
    But we're fear to sell this, if we got catch in some legal problem.
    In 2004 we sold this to a local gold shop owner hiddenly and make approx 16 million Indian rupees. But It's less than half of this gold value. I wish If our parents didn't sell that gold and keep that with us, It would be very excellent.

  9. I have a Claude Monet painting I been holding for over 15yrs. I found it on top of garbage cans on my old street. I really need to get it appraised looking at this YouTube video?!

  10. Found some cash in two books. A dictionary and a thesaurus I bought at a thrift store had old bills but in great condition. Think it was about 25 dollars .

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