Mal Malloy returns (2017)

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  1. This is one of the big reasons I've gone MGTOW. She was something serious back in the day and now look just a few years later. Washed up! Only pathetic perverts would pay Patreon to see this crap. Some guy knocked her up for nothing now you losers are going to provide for her child to see her walk around….SMH

  2. Either photoshop or a boob job,,,,,, or maybe her boobs were bigger from having a baby? But her boobs were definitely not that huge before. You guys are missing her cute face. When you talk to a woman your not talking to her ass,,, your talking to her face. I could marry a woman with a cute face like hers.

  3. She's lost it. There was a time she could have been amazingly successful. But chose to only do low quality videos from people that weren't known too much in the business. She could have even been a successful model. Now she's just another BBW that got knocked up. Posting crappy low quality pics on Instagram. Trying to sucker perverts into giving her money on Patreon. No longer interested….

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