Mal Malloy vs Kathyzworld (Tournament Round 3)

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  1. bro shes not white shes Latina. Your history taught you the wrong shit. shes not white, shes tan from Cuba so shes always going to have a different tone to her. I'm Greek not white so I'm olive toned . learn bro before you speak, cause you sound dumb when you said shes white. insult to this beautiful Cuban woaman

  2. Mal all the way. Kathy seems stuck up and not personable at all with her fans, that is unless she sees dollar signs. Mal is all real and down to Earth. If you ever get this message I miss you Mal! Please come back!

  3. Always choose real like mal malloy over fake plastic asses and photoshopped pics which is so obvious with with kathy. i think fakeness should be banned from the tournament

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