Marvel Phase 4 Movies We Want to See Most (w/ Max Landis) – MOVIE FIGHTS!!

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  1. Whoa. One of the best Movie Fights. Max is now on my director radar, Roth is a hard baller even in defeat. Spencer is finally rolling deep with the quasi laissez faire game. Also inspired to rewatch a lot these awesome movies referenced in the fights.

  2. Am I the only one that doesn't care if a Marvel movie gets dark? I want to see a good Hulk solo movie! Even if they were to use another character as a buffer, with Banner as the focus, I would love to see Max's movie!

  3. P4 Marvel movie? A Spider-Man sequel revolving around the Web-Wars storyline. He could see Miles Morlus, Spider-Gwen, but also past incarnations of Spider Man from the previous films. Best part? It could tie into the new Venom universe that Sony is building. And the venom symbiot follows spiderman back adding him into the MCU where he belongs.

  4. id rather see kingsman in brazil. she definately has the best argument. and they cant do canada so its to close to american culture for the rest of the world!

  5. Iran should get it's own Kingsman sequel. Ther is a very real history of the Americans and Brits teaming up against Iran, with Iran not always being the bad guy.

    The twist? All the kingsmen from Iran are women.

    This would do wonders for the empowerment of women in Muslims majority countries as well as address the problem of Kingsmen being a sausage fest.

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