Modern Day Explorers Who Took Risks Nobody Dared To Take Before

Adventurous explorers still exist – and whilst their journeys are different now, they’re no less perilous or daring. Here are 10 extreme modern day explorers …


  1. Yeah, John Chau is an obvious first place. He deserves to be acknowledged for how much of an idiot he and his Christian group are to society. North Sentinelese did us all a favor if you ask me.

  2. You think those sentilese are fools
    see what happened when GOLD was discovered in California?
    christofher. Colombus how the hell you can clame a place. For spain when you meet people there that goes for all those explorers. everything that they touched was a disasters and the people that they met on these places disappeared astecs for one bahamas. Arawak indians

  3. John Allen Chau are the most stupid people in 21st century. I always laugh out lough on those idiot put tattoo on face or having body modification to look like animal, but John make stupidity to the extreme. Any Hollywood film maker here ? Please use this stupid journeys to make a movie, let the world know this man, the martyr of 21st century.

  4. John Allen Chau is nothing more then a religious moron. Thinking he could convert them to christianity. Plus did he really taught they would understand him. In my opinion he wasn't thinking realisticly before wandering off to that island like that.

  5. John Allen Chau was a big get who could accept people for what they follow

    my comment here is screw people like him who try to force people to change. And to add more to this Christianity is pretty much the worse thing to happen to this would the norse, greek, roman, Egyptian. all forced to convert or die but guess what those of use who follow the old still exist

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