Movie Bloopers So Good They Made The Final Cut

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  1. The true lies strip tease is so sexy! Jamie lee's body was something else. I remember her falling off the bed post and carrying on lol! I thought it was so cringe at the time … makes it even better that it wasn't expected.

  2. SMH. The Woody Allen coke scene was obviously intentional.
    What was not planned was the audience laughing for as long as they did, which made the following lines of dialog inaudible. So Allen inserted a little extra footage to give the audience time to quiet down again.

  3. as a big martin fan, and a acoustic Guitar lover. I cant believe that they would be so stupid about the worth of great guitars that they would be so sloppy as to allow that mistake to happen. now 40,000 dollars aint shit to kurt russel, but to destroy a guitar that has far more worth then just money, just about made me cry when I saw that. I still cant believe what I just saw, and the Martin guitar company? I can tell you that they were not happy. these guitars are worth far more then just money. so to anyone who doesn't know anything about guitars, believe me when I tell you that was a HUGE deal.

  4. There is a really great scene in "A Knight's Tale". The hero basically wins his first match, and his herald, Chaucer, gives a flowery speech about his victory. Absolutely ALL the extras miss their cue to applaude the victory at the end of the herald's speech, so one of the supporting actors, playing one of the hero's closest friends has to give an under-his-breath cheer, which prompts everyone to cheer as they should. It's a great, funny, human scene that made it into the movie, and is one of the better scenes in a movie full of great scenes.

  5. I just watched the first minute and I think you already blew the whole thing… The most amazing unplanned part about DiCaprio's scene in Django is when he cuts himself, yes, but he then puts blood all over Olivia Pope's face… and that wasn't planned. And that's Breaking amazing. It is said he had a standing ovation by the actors on the set. I don't know about that and I honestly don't really care, but the blood thing is just great.

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