Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

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  1. Don't breathe isn't even fucking horror it has no jumpscares and guys all of you watch it alone I swear it's not even horror it's a really nice movie AMAZING MOVIE ONE OF THE BEST

  2. I've never seen the full Deliverance movie, but what I do remember is when we had a work Christmas party, this girl from work invited a handful of coworkers to hang out in her hotel room for an after-party, and when we all got there she left right away for some reason with the anal- rape scene from deliverance on the TV screen.

  3. wait isthere somthing that will scare me coz non of that shit can scare me i am no 6y old anymore XD if somone knows movie that will make me. scared for some time pls tell me coz i can watch all this with complete pokerface XD
    ok there are some funy momets but… nothing scary

  4. You should have put at least one of Leslie Nealson's comedies on here. A film doesn't just have to be scary or creepy to prevent you from watching it alone, you could have one so funny you need to share it.

  5. Dude you picked some of the least scary stuff, It Follows? The Babadook? Don't Breath? And many more of these I don't know how a majority of these are scary past The Ring and Poltergeist (for their time frames).

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