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  1. I'm just learning about all this. I heard in another video of yours (can't find this as a topic, please point me in the right direction if there is one) that you are okay with cheating a little bit to get the weight up. I always thought strict form was key. After I heard you say you're okay with slight cheating, then watching this video, this made me think about how eccentric motion is more important so YES, getting the weight up a little more explosively than with proper form (as long as it's not going to cause injury) with controlled eccentric movement will gain the most results. Is my thinking correct here?

    1. More explosive or assisted to get it up (get your mind out of the gutter)
    2. Controlled slower eccentric
    3. = bigger, faster?

  2. Hard to believe. I think the lifting part contributes to muscle growth too. For example, if you chew a lot of gum, your chewing muscles start to grow bigger eventually.

  3. jeff is good at explaining the why, people like me will ignore something if we just here the what but when someone explains the why we take it more seriously and apply it.

    Im a great fan of you bro, I never get tired of watching your videos,
    they sure are very educational and helpful, ill definetly be using this tecnique.

    Regards from Reynosa Tamps Mexico.

  5. Jeff is not lying here. Three words. Heavy eccentric sets. Especially with biceps where there is little risk of injury, do eccentric sets with weight that's 40% heavier than you can concentrically lift. I was looking for ways to get over my slow bicep gains, tried every exercise, tried all kinds of intensity techniques, lifted heavy, lifted light…but it was all concentric. When I tried heavy eccentric sets, it was immediately clear to me that they were the missing piece of the puzzle. Bicep gains every week ever since.

  6. I already do this but now it seems as if it's more important than the positive rep now. Or maybe just as important in a different way like… with blood flow or ATP blahblah science. So this might prompt me to lift heavier since on higher weights I tend to have it harder push/pulling without cheating but good negative rep control.

  7. This is a great video, I finally understand why eccentric contractions are so important. It does raise the question of speed though, does it matter how fast you take your muscles to failure or just that you keep going until you do?

  8. [Summary]
    Go slow on your eccentric/negative portion as you bring the weight down, controlling it and allowing your muscles to stretch out and create microtears while under tension.

    Saving you time. Thank me later 🙂

  9. You have a video about bringing the dumbbell up to nose height on the last part of the positive to contract the bicep a little harder. But if the only part where you cause muscle damage is the eccentric, why would bringing up extra in the positive be helpful?

    Can anyone explain?

  10. Have you ever Hurd of Vince Gironda, if yes, what do think of his training? If you have not Hurd of Vince Gironda look up info on him and do a video and let me know what you think.

  11. to increase my squat i just camped out at the bottom of the position for like 15 seconds and went down really slow on the eccentric… i can barely walk now, needed painkillers just to get out of bed lol. so this really does work, never noticed it much on isolations but on compounds its painful

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