My Testosterone Results Revealed (The Kino Life Series)

Hey guys! In this day in the life series premiere I take you on an adventure into my life.. I get my testosterone tested, my injury worked on, I share some deep …


  1. DAmn kinobody is way bigger than me and athletic and his test is at 21.4 where mine is at 25.9 yall need to shut the fuck up and start training and stop claiming anyone bigger than you is on roids

  2. LoL i started training about 1 and half year ago and his measurements are exactly like mine,although i`m about 11% bf and he is like 9.5%.Also i`m 5`10 and 170 lbs bw

  3. There are 2 ways to have the tallest building in town… 1. Tear down everyone else building, create the illusion of inferiority 2. Work hard and build a better building.

    I fee sorry for the people who have nothing nice to say on social media, because it's a red flag indicating "I'm suffering, I'm not fulfulled in someway and I feel helpless to change it." A story we can all identify with in one way or another. How we respond to people and situations like this is a true test of our character.

  4. haters logic :
    "i go to the gym once a week i'm a skinny fat faggot , i get raped by mother every single night and i enjoy it , if i see someone better and muscular than me than he's on steroid"

  5. People that think he is on drugs are fucking retarded. He just lean, look at him walking at 1:30 with clothes on. Or at 3:00. He isn't even that big, hell a lot of dudes I know would call him small. He's just got good proportions and he's lean. Stop hating and get lean and you'll look exactly like him.

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