Sometimes you should never eat foods that look a certain way. Like green potatoes or watermelons that could potentially explode. Keep watching to find out 10 …


  1. And the grossest thing I saw in food that made me decide not to eat it, the whole inside of an apple was brown, of course except near the skin, I had sliced it open so I never ate any of it, but my parents told me that it was due to a worm getting inside at some point in time, while there may not be any visible holes, my parents told me they can get in through the blossom, so my moral of the story, always slice open your apples

  2. My dad almost drank motor oil because it was put in an apple juice container and was also the color of apple juice, he was working on the car so his hands were also covered in oil, someone put the container of oil, that was in the apple juice container, in the fridge, so my dad went inside, saw the “apple juice” and poured the “juice” and put some in his mouth, he almost swallowed it, but then tasted it, he couldn’t smell it because his hands was covered in it

  3. Okay, so my school serves snacks that are fruit every day. They're usally pretty good. But there was this one time when I grabbed this apple from the snack cart, and it was kind of soft. I just ignored it because sometimes apples have bruises. But I went to eat it and it was mushy and brown on the inside. To be honest I just threw it away and didn't have snack that day.

  4. Never ever drink directly from a tetra pack! Cut it wide open from the top and pour out the whole thing and check if it’s fine or not. There have been many cases and it’s all disgusting

  5. The egg thing is partly WRONG. It is true fresh ones do NOT float. And bad eggs always float. But why is wrong. When an egg is laid it has air in it because the babies will need them in order to breath. The reason they begin to float is not air.. it is the gas given off when the egg goes bad. Ever been to Florida and the water smells like rotten eggs? It is the Sulfur. Anyway… your video is good just wanted to straighten that out. Chicken Breeder here :))) We love those air pockets… but the gas given off once the egg is gone bad… not a fan 🙂

  6. Worst thing I saw was trying to by one of them sandwiches in a packet and when I opened it after buying it had 'Purple crystals' like stuff coming from the middle of the thing which looked like some frozen mold.

  7. Umm, what is the grossest thing I've ever seen, umm, uhh, fruit like apples or peaches that have A LOT of mold… We throw it out when that happens but only the ones that do have mold, and when we notice it we throw it away right away. but the ones that weren't affected will stay with us and safe to eat? I'm not sure but the fruit doesn't have mold on it…! But I don't have to worry about the kiwi going bad, because as soon as we buy it we eat it all, my family LOVES kiwi…

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