Oblivion Complete B-Roll (2013) – Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman Sci-Fi Movie HD

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  1. You see other actors in these B-rolls and they just sort of wander away after the director says cut, or go into their own head.  Tom Cruise always has this satisfied happy look, like he's just radiating enjoyment, and shares it.

  2. Spectacular Movie!! I like it soo much!! every single second of this movie is perfect…the music..the actors…Wow… Bravi tutti…Bravo Joseph kosinky!

  3. It's amazing how much instrumentation is used in big movies like this. Like, I'm in film school right now and we're all just learning the basic tools you use to make the scenes come to life. Then I watch this and realize most of the stuff I see in this clip I haven't an idea what it is. LOL. Can't wait to get to it in the future though. Really inspired here!

  4. This is why I watch movies for myself that people say is not good, most of the time I really enjoy the movie.This was one of those rare scifi movies I must buy when it comes out because the movie is fantastic! Those Drones are so awesome!

  5. Yeah! I'm a propper retard! I try my absolute hardest! I don't know anything about any films. Your the best. I look up to you, I follow all your posts with awe. I just think your amazing really

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